The idea that unites business with style in the Pronta Moda/Made in Italy segment.

The “Babylon” brand, founded in 1984 exclusively for female clothing with innovative creations and design, makes the difference and distinguishes itself for its sophistication, that makes every woman a first rate “PRIMA DONNA”.

A firm with a 30 years’ experience in the field with cutting edge stylists, able to identify the newest trends, create original looks, represent the best features of Our brand and propose them again on the markets ( national, European, Asiatic and Eastern European) in a creative way.

Our firm’s objective is to realize products that, while in constant evolution, are relevant through the time.

Babylonincludes three production lines made of research, quality and style:

  • W Les Femmes unites the distinctiveness of its fabrics and sophistication for a high-class woman;
  • Babylon Collection has new lines for a woman who loves a unique style, sober and elegant;
  • Eureka represents the originality of fashion trends, with innovative accessories that give its items their uniqueness.

Furthermore, We make luxury items too: pelt, leather, accessories, which complete a special look that leaves a striking feminine impression.